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Combined Cycled Thermoelectric Power Plants

In recent decades these power plants have undergone significant growth worldwide. INITEC Energía has actively participated in this evolution, acquiring extensive experience in this field. The facilities within which our company has undertaken its activity add up to total power of close to 9000 MW. This participation covers everything from Property engineering to the “turnkey” provision of facilities, as well as viability studies, execution of reforms and improvements to existing facilities, passing through design phases, detail engineering, management of materials and sub-contracts, supervision of construction, tests, start-up and support for exploitation.

Giza North III Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP)

  • Situation: Egypt
  • Type: Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant
  • Client: Cairo Electricity Production Company (Egyptian Electricity Holding Company) CEPC (EEHC)
  • Power: Extension third group total 2.250 MW (3x2x1)
  • Construction in "turnkey" modality (EPC) of the BOP mechanical package of the third group of the Combined Cycle Thermoelectric Power Plant in multi-shaft configuration consisting of two gas turbines with two recovery boilers generating steam to feed a steam turbine and generating total power of 750 MW, as the other 2 groups. With this amplification, the global power of the plant will be of 3x 750 MW=2250 MW