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Cleaning of Combustion Gases (Desulfurization / Reduction of NOx)

Cleaning of Combustion Gases (Desulfurization/Reduction of NOx) INITEC Energía, with the experience acquired in recent years within this field, provides an added value in relation to the new investments to be made by electric companies in their coal and combined cycle power plants, both in the catalytic reduction of NOx, and in the desulfurization processes.

Fuel-Gas Desulfurization Plant, Alcudia III & IV Thermal Power Plant (FGD)

  • Situation: Spain
  • Type: Desulfurization of Coal-fired Thermal Power Plant
  • Client: Gesa (Endesa)
  • Power: 2x130 MW
  • Basic and detail engineering, supervision of construction and start-up of a desulfurization plant for cleaning the gases generated by the Alcudia III and IV Thermal Power Plants.