Recognition BONUS Fraternidad  Muprespa

Last June 25th, INITEC Energía was awarded by the accident MUTUAL - FRATERNIDAD MUPRESPA, partner of the Ministry of Employment and SS, a recognition for its good performance in the area of Prevention of Occupational Hazards and Workplace Safety. INITEC Energía receives this recognition to be a creditor of the BONUS (Bonificación de cuotas de la SS / Bonus Shares of SS) for its good results in the prevention of workplace accidents, results that were way below the average within the reference sector. Out of 30.000 companies assigned, only 90 have received this Bonus. Initec Energía participated in the event together with other companies of the Group ACS such as: CYMI-MASA, INTECSA, SICE, amongst others as well as with other companies from the sector such as ENDESA, REPSOL and ENEGAS.