INITEC ENERGIA has grown from its inception in a responsible and sensible manner, managing its business in the most efficient manner towards the development of the Company. We hold as our fundamental tenet our will to develop our activities following the highest standards of Business Ethics, and our unalterable determination to comply with the prevailing laws and regulations.

It is for this reason that the Board of Directors has resolved to raise the awareness of all our employees on every aspect related to the compliance with the rule of law and the values of our Company. Accordingly, a Crime Prevention Plan, whose observance is compulsory for all the Company’s employees, has been implemented as part of a comprehensive Compliance Program. The concepts of the Program are defined in several documents which are published, explained and fully acknowledged to Company employees. The main documents that comprise the program are:

• Crime Prevention Plan
Ethical Code
• Anti-Corruption Plan
Normative Compliance

In order to ensure the correct implementation of the Plan, the Company has opened a Whistleblower Office (Canal Etico), available to all our employees and collaborators, and that can be contacted by any of the following means:

Postal Address: Canal Ético INITEC ENERGIA
                          Calle vía de los Poblados, nº 11